ABM Systems offers the most comprehensive controls solutions for your building automation system needs. Starting with the Alerton open protocol BACnet controls system and using our wide variety of integration capabilities we have the right solution to fit your building management systems needs.

You need a building automation system that delivers facility management solutions well into the future while protecting your past investments. With the longest compatibility record of any single designed system. We at ABM systems always deliver unmatched value and ongoing commitment. The open structure of our building control systems makes all of the information throughout a facility accessible to those who need it.

Building automation is a distributed controlled system. It is the computer networking of electronic devices designed to monitor and control the mechanical, security, fire and flood safety, lighting HVAC and humidity control and ventilation systems in a building. Its functionality keeps building climate within a specified range. These are smart building solutions that industrial and commercial buildings rely on these days. Even multi-storeyed green buildings are designed to accommodate these products because they are energy efficient and designed to accommodate air and water conservation characteristics.

The product solutions at ABM systems offer turn-key installation of new Building Management Control Systems. Our objective is to provide innovative, intelligent building automation systems that advance operational freedom, flexibility and ease of use.

  • The systems we provide are accessible through a local or remote WEB browser
  • Multiple primary level controllers networked to an enterprise level server for local and remote access
  • Lighting control and Energy metering and monitoring including electric, water, steam and BTU, Demand control ventilation controls, Energy dashboards and Gas detection, alarm and purge controls are all taken care of.
  • All of our products contribute to an intelligent building ecosystem
  • We work on making building comfortable for its occupants and at the same time provide energy saving solutions

Design, installation, commissioning and training:

Our Installations Team meets all aspects of the construction design requirements. Our diverse team of professionals is highly trained and know the products we offer inside out. They have a thorough knowledge of the products we have and can help you with anything you need. Our customers gain the biggest benefit from every installed system. Weather we are installing our system in a one floor tenant fit-out or a new high rise office building our team is committed to meeting all project milestones for a successful installation. Our team is comprised of:

  • Highly trained engineers who customise controls for each installation and layout.
  • Dedicated team of project managers who organize the team to ensure the controls system installation meets delivery deadlines and scheduled timings. They make sure the team meets the client’s expectation.
  • The control systems are installed by a team of highly skilled electricians that follow all State and local codes to ensure quality standard fittings that are safe and the installations last long.
  • Our panel fabrication shop delivers expert quality custom control panels for our clients
  • Programming and final commissioning is done by the specialised field engineers that fine tune our system and put it through the trial before delivery to make sure it meets the design intent and is up to the mark to ensure the client receives what is expected from us.
  • Training is usually performed by our field engineers and is the final step of the installation process. It is designed to provide the customers with an understanding of the controls system that they can easily comprehend to gain maximum benefits from our systems.

Wireless Solution :